Actions That Could Impact Your Chances of Reaching Your Home Buying Goal

Keep in mind this list of actions that could impact your chances of reaching your goal of buying a home if you are financing.

1. Changing employment or marital status.  

2. Making any large purchases with credit (car, furniture, appliances, etc.)

3. Making any large cash deposits in your bank accounts (please speak with your loan officer about gifted money and how to best manage it for your loan) 

4. Co-signing on a loan for anyone 

5. Transferring money from account to account

6. Increasing your credit card debt or letting your current accounts fall behind 

7. Closing credit accounts, consolidating your debt, applying for new credit accounts, having your credit pulled, or disputing credit accounts

8. Paying off any loans, credit cards, charge-off, or collection accounts without first discussing with your loan officer 

9. Financing any elective medical procedure

10. Overdrawing your checking account

Denise Faddis