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Local Spotlight, Faddis Real Estate Group, Bend Oregon

Introducing Local Spotlight, a way to better get to know your community members.

I've always loved getting to know people and discovering a little bit about their history and passions, why they chose the profession they have and what currently has them excited about life. I particularly feel drawn to small business owners and artists, for obvious reasons I suppose since I am both an artist and small business owner, and have been, in one form or another, for half of my career. Being a small business owner or independent artist takes a certain kind of person and isn't for the faint of heart. It takes courage, belief in yourself, and loads of hard work and dedication. I believe it also requires a sense of wanting to help others and connect with your community. Putting yourself out there, believing in what you have to offer, and asking for the community’s support requires that you are willing to be vulnerable enough to nurture your idea, business, or art while it's still a fledgling notion and yet to be a proven success.

Twenty years ago when I was an excited young twenty-year-old entrepreneur I tried my hand at my first small business. I opened up Breathtaking Baskets, a gift basket company catering mostly to the needs of Real Estate Agents that wanted a unique and attractive gift for their clients.

I noticed the gift basket companies in town were offering pretty nice baskets but they didn't have anything special about them and the products inside seemed subpar to me. I aimed to change that and serve clients that wanted a higher caliber of design and product. I took the time to research local companies (this was in Colorado at the time) and purchased all local products to use in my gift baskets. No cheap candies or cheese spreads from large corporations, only quality products made locally. My design aesthetic reflected Colorado and instead of cheap tissue or filler, I used natural wood-hued raffia and stayed away from garish ribbons, instead decorating my baskets with miniature pinecones that I would hunt for under local trees in parks and on trails. The end product turned out beautifully and the clients began to come, slowly, but surely. In the process, I realized my favorite part of starting the business was taking the photos and designing the marketing material (can you believe there was a time only a select few companies had websites? Seems like so long ago.) However, I enjoyed the process, learned a ton about business, marketing, sales, and product design.

I ultimately ended up deciding to go to art school to become a graphic designer. I certainly don't regret going after that first dream of entrepreneurship — and my desire to support local small businesses has never wavered.

Breathtaking Baskets was the first of many small businesses or creative endeavors I have built. The list includes Faddis Creative, my design and photography business, TUSK Magazine, Brewwings, East of the Sun, Creative Partner Consulting, and Space Studios Boutique and Art Studio. I can't say any of them led me to a path of riches but each one of them taught me something new and allowed me to be of service to people, ultimately the backbone of what drives me and has propelled me into each of these ideas. I've been fortunate to help many other small business owners in the process, and that feels good. That’s our goal as we build our foundation for Faddis Real Estate Group - to offer next level service and support.

That leads me to our new feature on www.faddisrealestate.com, Local Spotlight. I wanted to take my love for getting to know community members one step further and feature them on our website so others could get to know them as well.

Our first Local Spotlight feature will be shared on Friday. Hope to connect with you again then!

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Note: I keep my creative juices flowing these days by working as the Creative Director for Malas for Tatas. I donate my time to Malas for Tatas (a non profit my friends and I are building) when I have any downtime in Real Estate. I love working in Real Estate and breaking the mold of what some might consider the “typical” real estate agent. I’ve spent hundreds of hours of training and continue to learn every day so that I can offer the highest level of industry knowledge and service to our customers. Read more about how my background has ultimately brought me to Real Estate.

Below is a fun visual evolution of my entrepreneurial endeavors over the years.

Breathtaking Baskets, 1999 (I remember this looking better LOL)


Faddis Creative


TUSK Magazine

TUSK Magazine, Denise Faddis

East of the Sun


Space Studios

Space Studios Boutique